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Harm Reduction

Since the legalisation of Cannabis in Vancouver I've been fortunate enough to have increasingly open conversations with people about their relationship to substances, including plant based medicines. I've come to question negative connotations around self medicating, as I've come to understand how many people are actively working to redefine what recreational and medicinal use can look like. The taking of such matters into one's own hands requires some rigour, but has the potential to be deeply empowering and beneficial.

Inducing altered states of consciousness through practices (such as holotropic breath work,  meditation), or substances (psychedelic or otherwise) are gathering legitimacy through research publicly at over 70 universities world wide and by private corporations   There are old and new ideas converging and butting heads. I'm developing this area of my practice by situating myself in the space that lies between neuroscientific and spiritual frameworks. That space is creative, and contemporary. I don't support appropriation, or the fetishising of cultures in these contexts, but am deeply interested in the application of spiritual technologies, experience near folk knowledge and your own capacity to create meaningful symbols and processes.

My approach is designed to make space for your own sense and meaning making of your experience. Your guess is as good as anyone's in fathoming the unknown.  I am pleased to work in collaboration with medical professionals, offering psychological support and safety around your treatments. I am also pleased to work with those that have a relationship with cannabis, looking to engage with it therapeutically.


I find myself as I often do, a straddler of worlds. I can walk in both but don't fit neatly into either. My approach across all the work I do is relational and collaborative. This is no exception.

My development in this area is inspired by ideas of cognitive liberty, and the right to autonomy over our own nervous systems.

I cannot supply or direct you to substances, but I can provide preparation, confidentiality  and support for your experience. Sometimes it's hard to come back down to earth and go back to your life. Integration is the process of supporting these transitions.

I'm currently a graduate student of the University of Ottawa studying psychedelics and spirituality, and have completed a range of trainings over the last three years in a variety of disciplines from  psychopharmacology to breath-work. My practice is supervised by senior therapists involved in clinical research trials of MDMA for the treatment of PSTD, and I participate in some aspects of the spirit plant medicine community here in Vancouver.

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