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queensland birds 2013
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Take a sound bath while you're  here
Listen attentively - just for a few minutes
 -render the landscape with your imagination
-situate yourself in the place that you made
-make it nice
-rest there a while

The Birth of Aura

Birth Metal

Standing up to ideas of preferred birth sounds. Composed by Brendan & Carmen Ostrander, Pablo Mascia & Kyra-Jane Keller.

Here's the song       Here's the story 


Wood for the Trees

A Walk-Shop in nature

A walk in the park designed to exercise your imagination. Conducted at Deer Lake Park 2013-2014


The Japanese Problem


The impact on audiences new to this history,  for survivors and their families warranted the creation of a transitional post performance space that I was proud to host for reflection & discussion.

  • But wait there's more...

  • Accept This! - Curator - Gallery Gachet Collective annual members show  2017

  • Word Vancouver - Presenter - public writing workshops 2017 "Note to self - therapeutic writing for writers",  & 2016 "Exoticising the domestic".

  • Word Vancouver - bibliotherapy- if stories were medicine public survey

  • My Mother's Story -Presenter - writing workshop series

  • Oddities - Artist - Gallery Gachet Collective annual members show

  • The Right to Remain -Community Liaison

  • Transience - Curator - Lena Tan, Gallery Gachet Salon Shop exhibition

  • Boobies & Weiners - Artist- Hot Art Wet City - Annual group show 2015

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